Rising Rates and Bond Fund Performance

By Andrew K. Miller, CFA, CFP® Given that the interest rate on the 10 year US Treasury bond has increased from 1.4% on July 7th 2016 to 2.38% on December 2nd 2016, I thought it would be good to revisit this old blog post on rising rates and bond fund performance: Rising Interest Rates &… Read more »


Will Bonds Diversify Stocks in the Next Crisis?

By Andrew K. Miller, CFA, CFP® Bonds are often viewed as being great diversifiers due to the perception that they perform well during tough times for stocks. Historically this has been a true statement. But will it continue? Our answer: unclear. Most investors use correlation to measure the diversification benefit an investment might provide an existing… Read more »


Improving Withdrawal Rates in a Low Yield World

By Andrew K. Miller, CFA, CFP® I recently submitted an article into the peer reviewed Journal of Financial Planning and was honored to have the article published in the April edition of the Journal of Financial Planning. The article discusses the difficulties in sustaining a 4% withdrawal rate in an environment of low interest rates…. Read more »



Target Date Funds – Their Aim May Be Way Off

By Andrew K. Miller, CFA, CFP® Intro We as humans like to use rules of thumb or heuristics when facing choices.  We often default to rules of thumb because when finding the best or optimal choice is difficult, rules of thumb allow us to solve a problem immediately and move on. While attending a lunch… Read more »