Financial Planning

We offer financial and estate planning services for individuals and families.  Financial planning is a tool used to help make financial decisions and to help answer questions like the following:

  • How much do I need to save for my retirement? What accounts do I use?  When will I be able to retire?
  • How much can I withdrawal from my investment portfolio during retirement?
  • How much do I need to save to pay for my children’s college costs?
  • How much life and disability insurance do I need?
  • Are there ways I can reduce my income and estate taxes?

Our Process

When creating a financial plan for you, we begin with a meeting to discuss your goals and which questions you hope to answer. We work with you to fully understand your circumstances. We use software tools to assess how likely your present course of action will achieve your financial goals and to identify ways to improve your results. After our analysis is complete, we meet with you to review our findings and our recommended action steps.  After we present your financial plan, it is our goal that you have a plan – a list of action steps to help move you toward your financial goals.  For example:

  • You know how much you need to save each year and in what accounts to achieve your retirement goal.
  • You know the maximum amount that you can safely withdrawal from your investment accounts during retirement.
  • You know the steps to take to reduce your income tax liabilities.
  • You know how much life and disability insurance you should purchase or keep if already in place.

We also help you better understand how different choices affect the outcome or action steps of your plan.  For example:

  • What happens if I retire earlier or later than planned?
  • What happens to my retirement plan if I spend funds, say to purchase a second home, to pay off debt, etc.?
  • How do my spending choices affect the inheritance I want to leave for my family?