Investment Management

Fee Only

Miller Financial Management is a “Fee Only” investment advisory firm. All of our clients’ investments are held by independent qualified institutional custodians (banks and brokerage firms) and our firm is a Registered Investment Advisor with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

What is “Fee Only”?   Fee Only means that our only source of income is the fee our clients pay to us – we don’t receive commissions from the sale of investment products, from trading securities, or from any party who may provide services to our clients.

Why is being Fee Only important?   We choose to be a Fee Only firm because we can exercise independence and objectivity when evaluating and recommending planning and investment strategies for our clients.  Our compensation method does not affect our advice.

Our Investment Process

Our investment process begins with listening to our client and helping them define their financial goals and objectives. Our investment management process includes the following:

  • We work with our client to help them understand the relationship between investment return and risk so they can adopt an investment strategy which is most appropriate for their goals and risk tolerance.
  • We develop a written investment policy statement that describes their goals, objectives and how their investments will be managed.
  • We manage our clients’ investments and we regularly report on our investment strategy and their investment results.
  • We initiate and encourage discussions with clients about their investments and other financial issues important to them.